We are more than energy

The transformer booths, or also known as electric power centers, play a fundamental role in the whole system of generation, transport and distribution of energy. This product, which is part of Tecna’s mining electrical equipment line, has transformers from 400 KVA to 7.2 KV 480/220/110, and guarantees the safety of the electrical system by means of automatic and mechanical protection devices.

Its structure is in A36 carbon steel, mounted on skid and all its operation is done from the outside.

This type of product, which has great application among oil, mining and industrial companies and in general where a power distribution point is required, has a rated voltage of 7200 Vac, crosshead with lightning rod and short circuit, metallic structure mounted on a skid, transformer of 7200/480 Vac up to 400 kVA and control cabinet and 480 Vac output. Its dimensions are 3 meters high, 2.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters long.

Our products, in addition to providing security, have their own electrical infrastructure that guarantee a supply that meets high energy demands.

At Tecna we are aware that the loss of the continuity of energy supply due to the lack of infrastructure means an increase in costs and large losses in production, that is why we work day by day in order to be that strategic ally that is always ready in provide our customers with safe, reliable and high quality equipment and products.