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In rigid conduit or armored cable electrical installations for:

  • Pulling cables
  • Easy installation when deviations are required.
  • Installation of distribution and control components (Contact blocks, Push buttons, Circuit breakers, etc).
  • Installation of control instruments.
  • Easy inspeccion of cabling and easy modificacions.
  • Protect equipment installed inside enclosure from wet enviroments dust, corossion, water hose.
  • Allow electrical installations in areas where frequent washing is necessary or desirable as it occurs in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries , among others.
  • Type SB6E enclosures: frontal flat cover.
  • Type SB6WJB enclosures: frontal non-flat cover.
  • Slotted cast on aluminum mounting lugs.
  • Brass grounding lugs.
  • Stainless steel bolts.
  • Non-threaded openings will be supplied. Hubs are required for conduit entrance. 1/2″ and 3/4″ openings may be threaded to alow installations with conduit bushing and lock nut.
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