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  • The bottom of the enclosure is drilled according to number, size and location of openings required.
  • Every opening is supplied with a hub to be installed on corresponding rigid conduit. Hubs offer appropriate mechanical resistance, water seal and protection of cable while being pulled and in operation. Pipe edges are completely covered with hub.
  • One grounding bolt is supplied centered in the bottom of the SB6A type enclosure to allow internal and external grounding connection. In addition , one grounding lug is supplied with every hub for internal grounding connection is SB6A enclosures.
  • Minimum wall thickeness of all enclosures was defined according to its internal volumen. AllSB6A enclosures manufactured by TECNA have 7mm or over as wall thickness.
USE: In conduit installations:
  • Allow installationof pull points above surface, avoiding any problable flooding of water inside the enclosure.
  • Specially designed to be supported by rigid conduit entering the enclosure thru flat-base.
  • Easy inspeccion of cabling.
  • Easy modifications and maintenance.
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